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About Me

I bought my first DSLR before boarding a plane to Paris, France in 2007. I moved to the land of cheese, baguettes, and macarons to be a nanny for the most lovely French family. That move changed my life. I now appreciate the beauty of the simple things in life. I learned how to explore the world as an adult with the wonder that we see in children. I traveled as much as I could and lived like a native in whatever place I found myself. The French taught me how to live life well, just as children can't help but do themselves.

I try to pull those feelings of the sights and sounds and joy that I feel into each Lifestyle session. I want to get the raw emotion and personality of each child into every image I pass on to you. My years as a nanny in Paris and NYC, as well as my time in the classroom has enabled me to work with every age and in between. Photography is my creative outlet that I do in my free time. It's my favorite way to meet the most lovely people.

My desire for offering Lifestyle Sessions came after realizing the absence of such personal photos following my own dad's passing. Sure, I have a few posed family photos. What I have wished more than anything is to have a photo of my dad gazing at me, throwing me in the air, chasing me around the living room, or tickling me till I was red-faced.

My goal is to give your children the images they will treasure when they are grown. You will love to see these photographs in the present, but they will be able to look at them as adults and see just how happy they were as children. And they will see how loved they have always been by you.

Let me give that to you. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to come into your home or on-location and document your family living life well.